Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 Jake Wee (10)

Leadership Skills

Traits of a leader
1) Motivation: When the team is down and disheartened, the leader has to take on the role as a motivator to push the team to encourage them, to ask them to press on and not to give up but to focus on whats ahead of them and not whats past. 

2) Positive/Optimistic: The leader has to be optimistic and always look on the bright side of things. If not, how then can he lead  the team and motivate them?

3) Self Confidence: The leader has to believe in himself and knows that he is the leader and his decisions are the best for the team and himself.

4) Trust: A leader cannot do everything by himself thus he has to delegate work to his subordinates. Thats when trust comes into the picture. Knowing that his/her subordinate is capable and delegating a job to him and even if it turns out bad, the leader will still take responsibility for what happens, but it takes a true leader to trust in what he subordinates do and know that its the best.

5) Humility: The leader must understand that though he is at the top, he still needs to learn from the rest and not think that he's the best and that his way will work and that his subordinates ideas are deemed to fail.

Managing crisis under stressful situations
A leader should remain calm and think through the situation before acting. He should not just freak out and just feel like giving up. Its important for a leader to remain confident and calm, as the whole team is looking upon him for further instructions.

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