Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Good leaders- Ming Yong

I feel that a good leader should be able to think in terms of the big picture, instead of small and minor problems that are negligible when looking at a larger scale. For example, if you're a leader of a nation and you know that <insert country name here> is going to attack your nation, and at the same time some terrorists have kidnapped, lets say 10 citizens and demand for a ransom of a ridiculous amount. In this scenario, the leader should be wise and realistic and focus on managing the nation's defenses and military. A bad leader in this case would give the terrorists the money they want, which if invested in military purporses could grant the nation extra troops and supplies, just to save his citizens. When comparing these outcomes, which one do you feel is better? Sometimes, for the greater good leaders must be ready to sacrifice even lives. To me, this is the most important trait of a leader: To be willing to sacrifice for the greater good.
Secondly, the leader should not be obsessed with personal matters and focus on the real threat. This is closely related to the first trait, the leader has to know how to spend his time wisely for the benifit of everyone and not be putting too much time on his personal affairs. In short, the leader must be able to prioritize what is the most important, and take the best course of action.
Lastly, the leader must be a good person in general. Now when i say good person i do not refer to the kind of people that devotes their time in helping others greatly and being a kind and nice person, but rather im reffering to traits like cunning, decisive and persuasive. Without these traits, he should not be considered as fit to lead his people.

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