Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 Ronak Mehta (15)

Most people around just sit there and just wait for something to happen, knowing nothing's going to happen. But from all these people there are some of them who believe in themselves and have the courage to lead the others who just sit there doing nothing. These people are called Leaders. They have many traits but i'll just share some very important ones. 

1) Honesty/Honest - One of the most important things Good Leaders must have is Honesty in themselves. These morals must be in them for them to show and be outstanding to people who follow them. They must have the right amount of Sincerity; also TOO much Sincerity is also not good! 

2) Forward Looking - Leaders need to be forward looking. In case you do not know, it means that they need to have an inspiring vision in front of them to do something in the future and to succeed. By looking, in the future, one can get ready for anything that might just come up and time is something you can control and have to live in a certain manner. This also involves not looking back in the past and thinking about the future.

3) Intelligent - A very obvious and important trait. One must have the knowledge and capability of what he wants to succeed and do. Without it, nothing can be done, why not? Intelligence runs in everyone's mind but what matters is the amount of it. For a leader to lead, he must be knowing in what he is doing and as said before plan ahead and not look back depressed of the mistakes.

These are some VERY IMPORTANT traits for what it takes, to be a Good Leader. 

Asking yourself, how do these great leaders cope and handle through times of stress and lead at the same time? These people have a very calm and thinking mind, not losing their anger very fast and controlling it. With that controlled, they can think ahead of what to plan and move on to the next step. 

Ronak (15)

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