Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 Ray Chow 22

The first trait that a leader should possess is they must have a
vision. As the saying goes, 'You must stand for something, or you'll
fall for everything. Hence, a good and awesome leader should be able
to visualise what is coming up next, how to face it and stuff like
that. As a leader, one has to learn to communicate one's vision or the
vision of one's group to the people one wants to follow him. That is
why Al Gore wanted to be the president of the United States. He wanted
the world to know about global warming and he has now achieved what he
has visualised, and was the 45th vice-president of the United States.

The second trait that a good leader should have is passion and
determination. One's followers want passion; in fact, they'll go to
the ends of earth because of it, live and die for it. Think of the
sailors who traveled with Christopher Columbus or Leif Ericsson to
explore uncharted territory. Their leaders' passion inspired them to
take on new and very dangerous challenges.

The third trait and I feel the most important is that a wonderful
leader makes himself a role model and not the boss. A leader is
someone who leads others. How can one lead others if he himself as not
walked the path himself? What I am trying to say is that a leader has
to meet the standards and be an example to others who follow him. The
traits of a good leader includes to always guide and help the
followers as one of them and not be bossy and commanding. Try to be a
part of the team rather than just giving orders and targets.

Good leaders do not stress out easily. Instead, to stress out, they do
leisurely activities to stress out. They do not vent their anger in
front of everyone. Imagine Lee Kuan Yew suddenly shouts out and throws
stuff in the middle of a speech. Not very sightly. So that is the
reason why Obama plays golf, and that is the reason why Hilter
organised the Holocaust.


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