Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Jonathan Phang (12)

Some traits of a leader to me would be :

1) Able to gain the trust of people. This means that they are able to get people to trust in him or her to lead them. 

2) Decisive. The leader must be able to make decisions for his or her group. 

3) Communicative. The leader must be able to communicate with his or her group. The leader must take into consideration the group's feelings when making decisions.

4) Have Confidence. The leader must have confidence in leading a group, otherwise the group might feel unsure about the leader. 

5) Able to Motivate. A leader should be able to motivate his or her group, able to encourage them as they meet obstacles. 

6) A good follower. A leader should consider other's opinions and advice. A leader should not always think of him or her being in authority and therefore not listening to others.

7) Responsible. A leader is and should be responsible for the group's actions. 

A good leader would manage stress and frustrations by firstly, not blaming others. Should the leader blame others, there will probably more stress and conflict among the people. A good leader should also ask other's for advice and not just do things his or her ways in solving a problem. A leader should also remain calm and not be stressed out, as others might also be worried about the leader and their own future, basically not panicking.

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